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Join McCann Dogs Instructor and 5-time Skyhoundz World Champion of Disc, Carol Lawrence in teaching your dog to have a reliable retrieve for fun and exercise (with introduction to the sport of Disc).
*This course is only offered online

Your Dog Will Learn

  • Safe

    Safety is ALWAYS top of mind at McCann Dogs! Learn how to minimize injury in your canine athlete

  • Fun

    Keep things light and enjoyable for your 4-legged family members - there's ALWAYS a focus on fun!

  • Mindful

    Both the dog AND human should enjoy this interaction, so we've put a special focus on building manners as you build drive!


  • Who is this course for?

    This fun course is for anyone who wants to learn more about safely exercising their dogs through retrieving. Dogs should have basic obedience skills to participate. Support on basic listening skills will not be provided in this course. If you require help with off-leash control, please look at our Life Skills program first.

  • Will this help me get into the sport of Disc Dog

    Absolutely - this program will help anyone looking to build a solid foundation in disc as well as those going back to fill in holes in their training foundations.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You will have access to all program content and support for 12 full weeks starting on July 15th

  • Can any dog take this course?

    Any dog who is healthy and fit can participate in this course. Dogs should be a minimum of 4 months of age.

  • What if I need help?

    No problem! Lessons are presented through weekly videos, however each week you will have an opportunity to participate in a live Zoom call with Carol. You will also have the opportunity to submit video and get feedback from Carol.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome: Prep Work!

    • About this Course

    • Safety

    • Training Philosophy

    • What You Will Need

    • **Introducing Toys to Your Young Dog Or Puppy

    • **Working with Multiple Toys for Young Dogs and Puppies

    • Choosing the Right Toy For Success (and Safety!)

    • Choosing the Right Disc for Your Dog

    • How much Exercise Is Right For My Dog?

    • A Walk With Carol: How Much Exercise is Too Much?

  • 2

    BONUS CONTENT: Dog Toe Nail Health

    • Is it Really Important?

    • Nailed It! Training Journal

    • Building Value for Handling Feet

    • Removing the Food as a Lure

    • Putting it all together!

  • 3


    • But my dog can do this at home! Notes on Situational Learning

    • Tips for Videoing Your Work

    • A Word About House Lines

  • 4

    Week 1 - Safety, Manners and Control Work

    • ***Introduction to Week One

    • Manners and Control Around Toys

    • Having Your Dog Circle Around You For The Retrieve

    • How to Throw a Disc

    • ***Disc Drills - The Spin

    • ***Disc Drills - Throwing Technique

    • How to Throw a Disc Roller

    • Disc Drills - The Roller

    • Bite Work

    • How to Throw a Toy Safely for Your Dog

    • ***Starting the Retrieve!

    • Check In: Tell us about your Retrieve!

    • ***Disc Takes

    • Check In: How are you doing with Disc Takes?

  • 5

    Week 2 - Distractions and Proofing

    • About Week Two

    • ***Introducing Distractions

    • Teaching Your Dog 'Around' - the Other Direction

    • ***Manners and Control - Special Focus on 'Out'

    • Throwing a Disc for Your Dog

    • Increasing Distance - Beating the Wind

    • ***Disc Drills - Throwing

    • ***Proofing Drills - Manners and Control

    • ***Troubleshooting: My Dog is Not that Interested in Toys

    • Throwing Rollers for Your Dog

  • 6

    Week 3 - Troubleshooting

    • My Dog Isn't that Interested

    • My Dog Doesn't Bring it Back

    • My Dog Drops the Toy on Route

    • My Dog Steals the Toy

    • My Dog Won't Release the Toy

    • My Dog is Selective

  • 7

    Week 4 - Games, Tricks and Freestyle Intro

    • Toss and Fetch

    • Multiple Discs

    • Retrieving Tricks

    • Freestyle Trick Over the Body

    • New Throw Forehand