Does this sound familiar?

  • You feel like your dog is too stubborn to learn.

  • Your dog will only listen if you are holding food.

  • You're sick of being ignored by your dog.

  • Your old dog was a dream and your new dog is a nightmare.

  • You're stuck with the frustration of a dog who doesn’t listen to you.

20 years ago, I brought home my first puppy, Quincey and I thought it was going to be magic.

If TV had taught me anything, it was that puppies were fun bundles of energy that would make me laugh with playful antics and then fall asleep in my arms.

Well…. If you can imagine… TV and reality were two totally different worlds. 

I wanted sweet and I got a land shark.

I wanted her to play with me and she thought everything else was better.

I wanted obedient and I got a dog who stole my things and played keep-away, who wouldn’t come when she was called and who thought stay meant run as fast as you can in the other direction….

In hindsight, it was to be expected with a youngster. Puppies are blank slates who have no idea what we want. My puppy was normal, I just didn’t know how to fix any of the behaviours I didn’t like... until I found McCanns! The McCann Method taught me how to understand Quincey’s needs and how to use her own instincts to create skills that we BOTH enjoyed. Within a few weeks, Quincey was coming when called and no longer trying to dislocate my shoulder on walks! 

She figured out quickly how to respond to my commands and that when she did, it was a winning situation for her too. I couldn’t believe how quickly her behaviour changed and quite suddenly, I was LOVING having a puppy. 

All of the feelings of frustration seemed to fade away and I can honestly say from then on, I found the magic I’d been expecting all along.

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We help you teach your dog life-saving obedience skills with our simple and effective methods that we’ve refined over 40 years.

The step-by-step McCann Method™ will teach your dog to listen reliably even when there are squirrels and other dogs! Start with some foundation work in our FREE Training Activities Library and you’ll see how quickly your dog can learn.

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