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COME  the first time you call, ever time! 
HEEL on a loose leash without pulling! 
STAY reliably despite distractions!

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Imagine if your 4-legged family member could COME the first time you called, every time. How nice would walks be if they could HEEL nicely at your side, never pulling you. What would life be like if your dog could STAY reliably, despite distractions?

My Dog Can is an online dog training program bred from 35 years training dogs professionally at our location near Toronto, ON. Since we started in 1982, we've helped over 80,000 dogs become good family members. The program has been adapted for an online venue and there is nothing quite like it available anywhere else in the world! Teach your dog to Come, Heel and Stay reliably with our fast and fun methods. You'll quickly see why, "In just a few weeks, your dog becomes a good family member." 

What does the My Dog Can course include?

40 - High Def videos including:

8 weeks of lessons covering the 3 essential skills. Teach your dog to:

Come - the first time you call, every time 

Heel - on a loose leash without pulling

Stay - reliably despite distractions

Other lessons include:
  • Leave It - learn how to stop your dog on a dime when they see something they shouldn't have
  • Tug and Out - teach your dog to play appropriately with a toy and drop it on command
  • Taking Food Gently - make sure your dog can be polite when taking treats
  • Look at Me - teaching attention work in the face of distraction
  • and so much more....

Other benefits include:

  • 3 x 85 Page Training Journals to help you track your progress through the skills
  • Training Glossary
  • Access to our FaceBook Group for My Dog Can members only
  • Great support over email or by phone

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Run into trouble and need some advice?

No problem! You're never alone with My Dog Can! Contact us by email, phone or through the exclusive Facebook Group and we'll help! We're in the office 6 days a week to take your calls.

How long is the program?

The program consists of 8 weeks of lessons, but you'll get full access to all content for 4 months

What is the cost program?

Fees for My Dog Can are $197 for 4 months of access to the full program.

Limited Time Bonuses - Register now & get:

  • 3 Ways to Teach your Dog Any Behaviour - from the simplest tricks to the most complex behaviours, you'll know how to train it with this guide.
  • Full Grooming Program: Maintenance grooming from A to Z - trim nails, clean ears, brush and bath your dog with ease.

Praise for My Dog Can!

"Both of my girls are really learning a lot! I just got back from a long walk with both of them that I actually enjoyed! Those types of walks are becoming much more commonplace and it's wonderful! As well, they're both listening when I tell then to leave it!" - My Dog Can Graduates 

"Our biggest challenge with our dog has been getting her to come when called. Just working through the first lesson on this and I'm already seeing big changes in how I am trying to teach this essential skill. Wow. I am so glad I've signed up for this class!" - My Dog Can Graduate

"...I could rarely get her to come to me in response to an distracted Come. No food, no response. Now, she's getting the idea. Even though I have no food in my hand, she's running to me whenever and wherever I say Come. I'm marking her response with a Yes and we're racing together to the kitchen to get her some cheese. Thanks for helping me to get back to basics. We'll keep working on this every day.- My Dog Can Graduate  

"Loved the positive group of trainers. So great to see the enthusiasm from Shannon, Ken and Kayl! No question asked (which I am sure you've all heard 1000 times before) was ever treated lightly. Great rapport and super way of communicating. So nice to have such a depth of knowledge - working with us - and guiding us with examples, or even always brainstorming a different way to handle situations. Loved the constant videos on Youtube as well, and links to other videos through FB group etc. Great use of technology!" - My Dog Can Graduate  

"Shannon responded so quickly to any emails/questions/videos. Always so informative, and so constructive. Loved working with her! Felt I could ask her anything." - My Dog Can Graduate  

"I really enjoyed the program and felt connected with the trainers even though we never met in person." - My Dog Can Graduate     

"I enjoyed communicating with all three trainers. Great people, enthusiastic teachers." - My Dog Can Graduate       

Course Curriculum

Shannon Viljasoo
Shannon Viljasoo
Director of Online Training

About the instructor

My name is Shannon and I'm thrilled to be your Instructor for My Dog Can. I've been with McCann Professional Dog Trainers since 1999 when I was training Quincey, my wonderful Rottweiler to have good listening skills. Once I got the right information and was able to communicate with her on a better level, I fell in love with dog training and left my Computer Programming career to join the McCann team. Almost 20 years later, I've never regretted the decision.

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