Is Your Dog Ready to Become.....

A McGenius?

Join us for 3 months of higher learning with McCann Dogs!!

This program will teach you more advanced concepts commonly used in dog training. Not only will you learn fun skills  through shaping and luring methods, you'll get to learn all about them from 3 different McCann Instructors. 

Work with Instructors Carol, Kayl and Robbie to make YOUR dog a McGenius!

You'll have access to the content for 4 months so you can enjoy an extra month to perfect your skills!

Oh the Fun We'll have!

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  • Month 1 with Instructor Carol

    In the first month, you'll join Instructor Carol as she teaches the skill most people want - a nice straight Back Up. Carol will also introduce you to the fun and growing sport of Dog Parkour. It's all about building confidence!

    Let Carol show you how to teach your dog to confidently and safely interact with objects using 2-paws up and 4-paws up. Focus is on control, safety and confidence building.

    Dogs of any age, agility, shape and size can participate!

  • Month 2 with Instructor Robbie

    The second month of McGenius will be presented by Instructor Robbie. She's eager to teach you some work for fun, conditioning, coordination and fitness! Learn all about Cavaletti Patterns and how to build Figure 8 drills

    Cavaletti is fun work for body awareness, confidence and fitness. Cavaletti is GREAT when it’s cold outside. You can give them a great activity without needing a lot of space.

    Cavaletti set ups can be modified to suite each dog. They can all enjoy it safely.

  • Month 3 with Instructor Kayl

    In month 3, Instructor Kayl will be furthering your Shaping Skills with 4 feet in a box (eventually, a really small box!) In addition, she'll teach you all about Obedience Fronts and Finishes.

    A "front" is used to bring your dog close at the end of a recall. It's fun and motivational, while still building on recall control. A finish is a flashy way of getting your dog from that front, back into control position.

    Your dog's motivation will thrive working with Instructor Kayl

Meet your Instructors!

Instructor Carol

Carol has been a trainer with McCanns for over 25 years. During her time in dogs (and pigs ;o), she has competed in numerous Sports including Flyball, Agility, Obedience, Rally-O and Disc Dog. She has competed at the National level in Agility and campaigned Earle to his MOTCh in obedience. These days, she keeps busy competing Internationally in Disc and holds 5 World Championships wins to her credit.

You'll get to work with Instructor Carol in the first Month of McGenius!

Instructor Robbie

Instructor Robbie joined the team in 1997 and Head Instructed classes for 14 years before moving out of the area. While she continued training and teaching it wasn't quite the same and she greatly missed working with all of the trainers at McCanns.

We're thrilled to have Robbie back instructing in our Online classrooms and so happy to use her years of experience training and competing in obedience, rally, agility and flyball.

You'll get to work with Instructor Robbie in Month 2 of the program!

Instructor Kayl

Kayl is a McCann, so she was born into the business, but she's never rested on those laurels. As a winner of 40 competition medals for Canada, including 20 gold, Kayl's record speaks for itself. Due to her unmatched success in the agility world and immeasurable strength in motivating, reading and training dogs, it's only natural that people seek to learn from Kayl McCann.

You'll get to spend time with Instructor Kayl during month 3 of McGenius

Course curriculum

    1. About the Program

    1. Instructor Carol Teaches Skills - Calendar of Events

    2. Building the Back Up skill

    3. Back up - Adding value for their Back Feet

    1. What is Dog Parkour?

    2. A Word About Safety

    3. 2 Paws - Just 2, Please

    4. Going ALL in - 4 Paws Up

    5. Discrimination and Understanding the Two Cues

    1. Video Submissions for Feedback

    1. Save the Date! Zoom Lesson with Instructor Carol

    2. Video Lesson with Instructor Carol

    1. Join us for a Final Q&A session on this Unit Thursday, March 25th at 7:30 pm EDT

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