My Dog Can

My Dog Can!

My Dog Can takes the guess work out of dog training! Step-by-step video instructions will provide you with the knowledge needed to teach life-saving skills like COMING when called, WALKING without pulling, rock-solid sit & down stays and so much more


Attention Workshop

Teach your dog to look at you even when distractions are high! Join us for a fun and free Attention Workshop!


Bed Stay

Teach your dog a bed stay for use in the house! Need a spot for your dog while you are cooking or when the doorbell rings? This skill is for you!


Trick Workshop - Cross Your Feet

Teach your dog to cross their feet! Join us for a fun and free Trick Workshop!


Training Method Workshop - Luring

Learn about the training method of luring. Discover the power of teaching your dog a skill from start to finish using the method of luring.


Training Method Workshop - Shaping

Learn about the training method of shaping. Discover the power of shaping to teach your dog ANY skill!