My Dog Can

My Dog Can!

My Dog Can takes the guess work out of dog training! Step-by-step video instructions will provide you with the knowledge needed to teach life-saving skills like COMING when called, WALKING without pulling, rock-solid sit & down stays and so much more


Attention Workshop

Teach your dog to look at you even when distractions are high! Join us for a fun and free Attention Workshop!


Trick Workshop - Cross Your Feet

Teach your dog to cross their feet! Join us for a fun and free Trick Workshop!


Training Method Workshop - Luring

Learn about the training method of luring. Discover the power of teaching your dog a skill from start to finish using the method of luring.


Training Method Workshop - Shaping

Learn about the training method of shaping. Discover the power of shaping to teach your dog ANY skill!


Luring 2.0

Perfect your luring skills with this FREE Workshop from McCann Dogs! Welcome to Luring 2.0 with a FUN challenge to tie everything together!